Foam Armorsmithing Trilogy Bundle


Foam Armorsmithing Trilogy Bundle Foam Armorsmithing Vol: 1 Table of Contents Foam Armorsmithing Vol: 2 Table of Contents Foam Armorsmithing Vol: 3 Table of Contents Bill Doran - Punished Props

Foam Armorsmithing Trilogy Bundle


$ 12.50 

by Bill Doran

Learn everything you need to fabricate, paint, and wear your stunning foam armor creations! You’ll be introduced to basic tools to work with EVA foam floormats. Then, you’ll learn how to make armor templates and combine the foam pieces together. Go over painting techniques and how to add straps to your armor. Also, learn how to add lights to your amazing costume!

Get all three parts of Bill Doran's excellent Foam Armorsmithing trilogy! This bundle includes:

  •  Foam Armorsmithing Vol: 1 – Design, Templating, & Fabrication
  • Foam Armorsmithing Vol: 2 – Finishing & Painting
  • Foam Armorsmithing Vol: 3 – Undersuits, Straps, & Lights
  • This bundle also includes Bill's "Foam Armor Fast" Guide for FREE!

Note: This is a digital book (PDF format). After your purchase you will receive an email with a link to download a PDF copy of Bill's books!

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